Wake GOP Has This One Wrong

For a long time now, the left has cornered the market on Education issues in our politics.  They have dominated this perception and have won that marketing strategy.  For example, when asked which party supports education, most North Carolinian’s will reply that it’s the Democrats.  The irony of this is, of course, bitter.  It is the conservative family that stresses discipline, delayed gratification and higher education.  Many of the traditional democratic base does not take full advantage of the education system in our country.  So, how is it that the democrats have won the day on this issue?  It’s because the Teacher’s Unions support the liberal cause.  And when you have the teachers supporting the democrats, you end up having the perception that the Democrats support Education.  Simple.

And deadly.

We have to do a better job on this issue; there are very few things more fundamental to the success of a society than the education of it’s citizenry.  The higher the educational base is, the more wealthy that nation is, the better the economy and the better the innovation.  Quite simply, education is the engine that drives a nations out of the grinding poverty of third world status into the ranks of modern nations.  And for the elite programs, it is what drives modern nations into Super Powers.

Education is key; we have to take that issue back.  And that is why this saddens me.

Today, the Wake County GOP issued a statement saying, in short, “We disagree with the Year Round calendar.  Parents, take your child out of school for a day to protest.”

Even if I agreed with the concept that Year Round calendars are bad, which I don’t, THIS is NOT the way to handle that conflict.  Grown adults sit down, reason and come to valid conclusions.  They do not, repeat do NOT use children in a game of chicken.

This is just one more reason why the GOP is finding itself struggling.

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