I Don’t Look Like Those Guys on the Dollar Bill

Okay, so it’s not official US currency, but damn!  It didn’t take Obama long to get his mug adorned on official government issued papers.

Obama and his arrogance

Obama and his arrogance

CNSNEWS.COM is reporting that the DC Metro is issuing fare cards and tickets that have The Chairman smiling back at us.  The height of the arrogance of this man is quickly moving past head shaking to absolute disgust.  I mean we have gone from Mt. Olympus to the Office of the President Elect.  Serious, this guy is more Hollywood than humble servant.  And the free pass that has been given him makes it even worse.

Maybe it’s because this is being treated more like a coronation than an inauguration.  Because people feel that they have “won” in the same way that they feel they “win” when the Heels beat Duke; I’m not sure.  I just don’t see any real in depth look at what this guy is saying, what it means for us and even if he is right–or could be wrong.  I just get the feeling that as long as he stands there, and holds court in such a manner that we find ourselves “hoping” he is right, that he will be.  That somehow what he is saying is not as important as it is simply not Dubya.

No, this man understands what he has right now, and that is the hearts of the country.  He is able to say anything and everyone will just nod along and agree.  This most certainly worries me.

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