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Dear Valued Employee, Thank You For “X” Years Of Service

We’ve all been on the receiving end of that letter.  The CEO of the company “sends” you the letter that officially congratulates you on the number of years of service to the company.  The big years fall on the “Fives”; 10-15-20 etc.

The whole idea of this is that of reward.  Recognition that you have been able to contribute to the viability of the company for those 15 or so years.  And the further up you go, the larger the recognition that you actually “survive”.  And, further, that the company “survived” as well.

See, each of us has a relationship with our employer.  We stay employed as long as these conditions are met:

  1. The burden of going to the office and giving up 40 hours a week is overcome by the amount of money and other benefits I get from the firm.
  2. The burden of compensating the employee is overcome by the productivity they give the firm.

That is, it has to be worth it to both the employee AND the employer.  When it no longer satisfies those criteria; separation occurs.

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