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Mimi Alford: “Once Upon A Secret”

Long before the 2003 revelation that John F. Kennedy had been shtooping his hot little intern the whole world knew that King Arthur was shtooping just about anyone he wanted.  So, I guess the fact that we are now seeing a book penned by said intern isn’t that big of news.

On the other hand, the tell all tale certainly does offer an interesting insight into the White House during the days of Johnny K.  For example, it took the President all of 4 days to bed his mistress.  Not bad considering.  Then the wonderful news that he told her to make herself available to other men.

Ahh, great stuff.

But more interesting to me than the story, after all, it’s hardly news, right?  Is the review that the NY Times ran Wednesday:

“Once Upon a Secret” can be better appreciated for what it really is: the strangest memoir about secrets and lies since “The Politician,” by Andrew Young, exposed the delusional arrogance behind John Edwards’s presidential campaign. Like Mr. Young, Ms. Alford seems to have little idea how badly her stories reflect on herself.

In one fell swoop the Times takes the time[s] to go after two authors of a book that would dare tell all of the sordid affairs of powerful Democrat men.  I can’t say that I’ll read the book, after all – why -, but man o man is the review is brutal.