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We Spend More On Healthcare Than…..Bug or Feature?

The arguments have been going on as long as we’ve had modern healthcare.  On one side we have those that claim the United States spends more on healthcare, with worse results, than any other industrial nation on earth.  Therefore our system is broken.

The other side claims that the ability to spend more on healthcare may be an indicator than our system is the BEST in the world.

To be sure, no one wants to have to spend $550.00 a month on medication when we could craft a system that delivered the life saving pills at a tenth of the price.  Spending money for money’s sake is silly.  But our levels of expenditure are elevated because the medical care system is, quite simply and without debate, the best in the world.

Just ask Mr. and Mrs. Baker.

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The Best Medical Care Money Can Buy

We’ve heard it all.

The United States has the most expensive health care system in all the world.  It’s true, go look it up.

And, if you were to add up the amount of money that we spend on medical care and compare it to other nations, our total would be higher than others.

In the same way t hat our total spend on fish tanks, running shoes, low brow caps, suit coats and baseball gloves is higher too.

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