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Obama And The Tape That Is Red

Obama is getting rave reviews over his handling of the disaster relief efforts through the area hammered by Sandy:

Autrey did that during Hurricane Katrina, which ripped through the Gulf Coast in 2005. FEMA’s reputation took a beating because of the government’s unacceptable response to that storm. Obama forcefully made it clear he doesn’t want Katrina’s performance repeated:

“I want you to cut through red tape,” he told federal agencies during his Red Cross visit. “I want you to cut through bureaucracy. There’s no excuse for inaction at this point. I want every agency to lean forward and to make sure that we are getting the resources where they need — where they’re needed as quickly as possible.

“So I want to repeat — my message to the federal government: No bureaucracy, no red tape. Get resources where they’re needed as fast as possible, as hard as possible, and for the duration.”

Now, FEMA is a government agency.  And agency that democrats and Obama wanna keep at the federal agency.  Any red tape that exists is because it is a federal bureaucracy.  That red tape is there precisely because people like Obama put that tape there.

I’m encouraged that President Obama sees fit to remove layers of government regulation.  But I find the praise being heaped upon him a bit ironic, yes?

When Government Gets In Government’s Way

Let’s face it.  Government IS red tape.  Folks in government are faced with making decisions that are based on the same basic premise that the rest of us make decisions on.  Namely, incentives.  People are incented in the same manner no matter their profession or walk of life.  And in politics, the incentive is to not error.

There is no incentive to lead.  While it would be nice, it’s not required.  Really, all you have to do is not make a mistake.  Just avoid decision making and talk.  A lot.  And just.  Don’t.  Make.  Bad.  Decisions.

And that’s how we get this.

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Only The Government Can Save Us: Alabama Tornadoe Edition







All are failings of men.  People, left to their own devices are unable to care for their neighbor.  At least without profit or reward.  And so it is that government must come to the rescue.  It is government, and only government, that can take away the risks of life and grant peace and serenity.

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