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A Jon Stewart Two Fer’

He’s at the top of his game.

But he’s right.  And while I disagree with Chik-Fil-A on this one, I don’t think we should actually ban them from opening.

On Liberals, Tolerance, Speech and Hate

Liberty can be messy.  But God forbid we would have it any other way, an excerpt from Jack Chambless:

As usual, liberals tell us that we must be tolerant – even thought we have a right to be intolerant.  Liberals tell us that we should have freedom of speech.  But notice, when someone uses their freedom to speak in such a way that offends liberal theology (and there is a theological element to modern liberalism), they cry out that they have been victims of hate-speech or worse.

The true test of your support of Liberty is if you can accept someone else’ opinion.