Governor Brewer – Veto That Bill! *

Jan Brewer

Arizona SB 1062 – Religious Freedom

You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the bill that passed the state legislator in Arizona.  SB 1062 would allow businesses to refuse services to gay and lesbian customers based on their religious faith.

I think that Governor Brewer should veto this law because it singles out people who might be homosexual in an unfair manner.

My Bill – THR 001

If I were asked to pass legislation as it relates to the rights of businesses to discriminate in who they do and do not serve I would submit this:

Any business may deny service to any person for any – or no – reason.

Done, period end of bill.

Consider this:

Next month we are planning a dinner party at my home, I’ll invite neighbors, friends and business colleagues.  I’ll be purchasing specific items for said dinner party from a number of local businesses.  Some, but not all, of the guests are not married and will be bringing a date – or not.

In no cases am I, or my guests, subject to government oversight in those decisions.  I am free to invite whomever I choose into my home.  The businesses that I do business with?  I’m free to obtains services from them or not.  And my single guests, and the married ones before them, are free to date whomever they want using any criteria they want.

The government simply doesn’t have the case that they can interferes in whom I or anyone associates.

I have the same view as it pertains to businesses.  If a certain establishment wants to serve or not serve someone, they should be free to enter into such agreement, or not, as they can with a voluntary customer.  Period.

I find two aspects of the bill insulting:

  1. Claiming religious freedom
  2. Specifically calling out a specific class of citizen

This is not a case of religious freedom, it’s a case of individual liberty and the right to associate.  Further, by calling out one class the bill clearly means too treat one group of people in a different and legal manner than another.  For example, using the same flawed religious freedom claim a business ought to be able to refuse service to someone who fails to honor their mother or father – and that class of people is not specifically listed.

It’s insulting.

It’s a pure and simple case of personal liberty.

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