Thankful Tuesdays

So, North Carolina is making headlines for their Moral Monday protests.  Typical liberal complaints about wars on various things, republicans hate the poor and kids and moms and baseball.  The normal stuff.

But added to the mix is the disbelief that when republicans take control of state government for the first time in 150 years, they are going to govern different than democrats.

Anyway, the Moral Monday protests are silly in the same way that the Occupy Wall Street protests were silly.  But now the right has countered:

Raleigh, N.C. — About 200 supporters expressed their appreciation Tuesday for North Carolina Republicans’ efforts to cut taxes, require identification before voting and make getting abortions more difficult.

Republican groups organized a “Thankful Tuesday” rally at the government complex in Raleigh to praise the GOP-led legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory for their work passing conservative policies.

Sigh.  The right.  So much less skilled at message crafting than the left; Thankful Tuesday.  They can’t even get the name right.  Who holds a Thankful Tuesday when Thankful Thursday is available?

Anyway, the republicans are going to  over reach, to be sure, and they’re gonna make mistakes – again, no surprise.  But the left needs to calm down when, for the first time in a dozen or more decades, things aren’t being decided by them.

4 responses to “Thankful Tuesdays

  1. There is a healthy side to the political pendulum when government changes hands frequently. Just shaking up the cronyism and patronage parasites infecting the body is good. When one party runs anything for decades you get Detroit.

  2. Scott,

    You should be very careful agreeing with me. No good deed goes unpunished. Anyway, as much as both parties decry the gridlock of Washington because the other guys keep stopping them from fixing the country, the system runs exactly as designed. The founders foresaw partisan factions trying to take the country to extremes, while setting up spoils systems to reward their friends. For over 2 centuries the two party dysfunction at the national level has functioned amazingly well. At the state and municipal level one party rule is more common and has brought predictable results.

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