Obama Rising

The President has won the last 2 debates.  Are we seeing a shift or a bubble?


One response to “Obama Rising

  1. Gallup may be reverting to the mean. Most polls show the race pretty even. I think Romney may have had some residual momentum going into debate three, but I suspect Obama stopped that. Obama looks good in the swing states still, if the race stays where it is, Obama wins. I get the sense that Romney blew it in the third debate for much the same reasons Obama blew the first debate. Ignoring whether or not one supports Obama or Romney, it has to be one of the wildest and most fascinating election cycles in a long time. Then you get the weird “noise” from people like Mourdock, with a story that has to at least muddle public perception of Romney’s message (team Romney must really wish Akin and Mourdock would just go away!), and the odd dynamics of the Senate races which are trending Democratic almost across the board. I mean, why are the Democrats doing so well in the Senate races? And what’s going on in House races? However this election ends, it definitely will not fit traditional patterns!

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