These People Really Believe That We Need To Ban Profits

I was a political ignoramus just 6 years ago.  Certainly I could express my views on the big ones, capital punishment, immigration and abortion.  But the more nuanced perspectives would come later.

What surprises me is that at one time, I may actually have held views that I now hold in disdain.  I’m not sure I was ever this far left, but the views expressed by delegates at the Democrat Convention regarding corporate profits are without defense.

By the way, whats up with Van Jones not shaking hands with Peter Schiff?  I mean, not even shaking hands?

4 responses to “These People Really Believe That We Need To Ban Profits

  1. Pino ,

    I think Van Jones instincts are better than his fellow Democrats . He was smart to escape . The rest of them revealed themselves . At the conventions you will get the hardcore base believers . Who else can suffer through all of the speeches . The video shows who have become the backbone of the Democratic Party . No blue dogs in the building .

  2. Pino ,

    Yes, for about 4 years now .

    I liked the video and the whole approach of it .

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