Absent Morality


I didn’t include the links to the stories showing the problem with the ad.  Those links are here and here.

Barack Obama has just released an ad in which he accuses Mitt Romney of causing the death of Ranae Soptic.  Basically the ad claims that Romney shut down a plant resulting in the family losing their health insurance.  Then, with no insurance to cover the family, Mrs. Soptic took ill, delayed going to see a doctor and was later diagnosed with Stage IV cancer; she died 22 days later.

The thrust of the ad is that Romney, caring only about corporate profits, took away the families health insurance leaving the family uninsured even as Ranae was ill.  If this were true, it hinges on the idea that the plant wouldn’t have closed anyway; with or without Romney and Bain.  And there’s no indication that it wouldn’t have.

However, that’s only interesting IF the claims made in the are true.  And they aren’t.  First, the plant was closed after Romney left Bain and Ranae had health insurance through her job.  Further, Mr. Soptic lost his job in 2001 and it wasn’t until 2006 that his wife passed away.

7 years after Romney had left Bain to run the Olympic Games.

But Obama doesn’t care.  Do you?

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  1. No this is not an Obama ad. This is the kind of ad you see, left and right, when Superpacs run wild. This is not from the Obama campaign.

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