The Romney Vice President

I don’t know how important a VP pick really is.  Can anyone really say that Biden did or didn’t play a role in getting Obama elected?  Palin certainly drew attention when she was selected by McCain, but McCain could have chosen Reagan and he still would ave lost.

I’m not sure that the pick will really truly matter.  However, it WILL provide gigabits of data for those of us junkies out there.

With that said, I really would like the pick to be someone who has “done” something.  A governor, the head of an agency, a director of this or that, anything.  Anything but another senator or congressman.  It’s for these reasons that I don’t like any talk of a Rubio or a Ryan.  The role of an executive should be filled by someone qualified to be an executive.

My favorite pick to date has been Condi Rice.  And the rumors are flying today:

Political observers are asking whether Mitt Romney could pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate a day after a story on the Drudge Report said she has emerged as the front-runner.

I think the pick would be perfect.  Rice is an accomplished statesman on her own right.  She’s gifted intellectually, has a resume a mile long and is well liked among conservatives:

Strategists acknowledge picking the former Bush administration secretary of State would be a bold, unconventional choice that could broaden support for Romney among independents.

Romney may wait until the convention to name his choice.  We might be weeks away.  And this may just be a tactic to change the narrative from Bain to something/anything else.

Who knows.  But I think Ms. Rice would be a fantastic choice.

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  1. pino, I agree that she’d strengthen the ticket, absolutely. A person of substance. But I think it’s a distraction – the newest shiney thing – she’s been pretty clear in the past that this is not her thing.

    We’ll see though . . . .

  2. I predicted Rice back on April 20th on my blog, I agree she’d be a superb choice for Romney. I’ve also heard that Drudgereport (which is close to the Romney campaign) is putting that out to try to distract from all the Bain coverage. I hope Rice is the pick, she deserves it. I’ll still vote Obama, but if he loses having Rice as VP would make it easier to lose.

  3. Never. Zero percent chance. Never, ever, ever, ever.

    America hates the Bush administration, and Rice sucks at everything except getting Bush to like her and playing the piano.

    Also, the GOP is highly unlikely to nominate a pro-choice lesbian.

    • More from Daniel Larison:

      Let’s briefly review Noonan’s argument for Rice to appreciate just how wrong it is. Rice is a figure of “obvious and nameable accomplishment”? Which accomplishment would that be? Completely failing to do a competent job as National Security Adviser? Presiding over the worst period of U.S.-Russian relations since the Cold War? Facilitating Hamas’ takeover of Gaza? Advising Bush as he embarked on one of the greatest debacles of post-WWII U.S. foreign policy? Helping to shape one of the most disastrous foreign policy records of modern times? Take your pick. No one can take any of that away from her. Her accomplishment is obvious. Noonan says that Rice wouldn’t be “learning on the job.” Certainly not. She didn’t seem to learn anything while she was in her previous administration positions, so why start now? Choosing her as the VP nominee would have a “certain boldness.” Then again, driving off of a cliff demonstrates a “certain boldness.”

    • Also, the GOP is highly unlikely to nominate a pro-choice lesbian.


      I didn’t know that. I think you’re right. The abortion stance is prolly gonna cost her the shot.

      But I would love to see the left go crazy having the first lesbian on a ticket be a republican. Or, for that matter, the right’s reaction too.

  4. Scott,

    I think Romney is in it to win . Why would he pick someone who would make it easier to lose ? Why would he pick someone to make you and Ms. Holland happy, since you both will vote against him no matter what he does ?

  5. Scott ,

    That we differ ideologically is a given , but besides that I just cannot agree with your analysis . I personally love Ms. Rice and believe she would be outstanding as a VP or President . However, I have to agree with reflectionephemeral on this point, she is a huge negative politically . Your side has done a fantastic job in blaming everything Bush for everything that has gone wrong for Obama . The name of the game is winning the election . As a big part of President Bush’s foreign policy team, she is a link that team Obama can use to tie Romney to Bush . Romney would be foolish to give Democrats that gift .

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