The Left’s War On Women: They Can’t Stop

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This is an amazing experience.   See, normally it’s the left drumming up “victim” scenarios and propping themselves up on the strength of the populist message with not an iota of policy behind it.  This has resulted in the right trying to stand for the tough but correct choices required to manage a country.  For ever it’s been the the democrats setting up these faux stories and then watching the republicans just whack away at vapor.  Again.  Again and again.

I’ve been amazed at how well it works, how enticing that “whacking” can be and then, finally, why the right allows itself to get stuck time and time again.

Now it know; it’s human nature.  See, it’s happening again.

Except this time it’s the left is flailing away against their war on women.  And the delicious irony is that it was set up to be the republican’s war on women, not the democrats.  However, it has backfired.  And now, as I watch, the democrats are looking like republicans while those very same republicans just sit back and watch the implosion.

And the hits just keep comin‘:

Hilary Rosen was right: Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.

By Linda Hirshman, Published: April 13

And work as she may, that’s one place Ann Romney has never been. She has spent her life in the private precincts of the marital workplace, where emotional ties replace the financial norms of the factory or office.

Now, she has emerged to campaign for her husband and to explain to him what women want. “I’ve had the fun of being out with my wife the last several days on the campaign trail,” Mitt Romney told Fox News this month. “And she points out that as she talks to women, they tell her that their number one concern is the economy.”

At a recent campaign event, Romney said he wished his wife were there to help answer a question about female voters. “She says that she’s going across the country and talking with women, and what they’re talking about is the debt that we’re leaving the next generation and the failure of this economy to put people back to work.”

When Ann Romney’s husband, who faces a gender gap in some polls, uses her experience and insight as a megaphone for women’s concern over fewer paid jobs, he mistakenly assumes that all women are fungible. Which was, I take it, Rosen’s original point.

Although Ann Romney may be a fine spokesperson on some issues, the dirty little secret of angling for female votes is that while all women’s work, inside or outside the home, has the same worth, as Michelle Obama and Barbara Bush sweetly expressed, all women do not have the same interests. Women who work in the home do not have the same interest in the recovery of the formal job market as women who have to work for pay. Indeed, wage-earning women probably have more in common with their paycheck-dependent male co-workers on the subject of economic recovery than with household laborers such as Ann Romney.

Did’ja get that?

“Women who work in the home do not have the same interest in the recovery of the formal job market as women who have to work for pay. ”

Because all kinds of women who work in the home don’t have someone who have to work for pay earning the pay that allows them to work in the home!  Those dumb bitches just think money comes from credit cards or something!  They couldn’t BEGIN to know about things like budgets and the economy!

Then this one.  This one is great.

“Indeed, wage-earning women probably have more in common with their paycheck-dependent male co-workers on the subject of economic recovery than with household laborers such as Ann Romney.”

Women who work at home can’t relate to the people who work for pay; only women who work for pay can understand what it’s like out there in a “man’s” world!

This is great; pass the beer nuts!

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