NCAA Tournament: The Real One

In full disclosure both my finals teams are in the Dance; I have Kentucky Beating Kansas for the National Championship.

This breaks my heart.

I love Carolina and my only regret is that it took me 31 years to get here.   I do so wish that it was going to be the Tar Heels beating Kentucky, but, sadly, our boys in Blue didn’t have the guns for the fight.

However, all of this is secondary.

You see, the University of Minnesota is in the Frozen Four having defeated The University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux to get there.

There maybe one team we hate more than any other team, and that’s the bastard Badgers of Wisconsin.  After that comes North Dakota.  Historically we simply love to hate BU.

Here’s to what really matters.  College hockey; there isn’t a better game in all the world.

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  1. Can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to see a college hocky post. My team Cornell stunned Michigan but then somehow stalled against Ferris State. Still, i’m looking forward to what should be a great frozen four.

    • Can’t tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to see a college hocky post.

      My son is getting old enough to know teams, know the score and develop favorites. As such, I started my long anticipated annual showing of “Miracle” on the anniversary of the United States beating the Soviet team.

      The fact that Minnesota beat Boston University was not lost on my child; we had a blast.

      Some of the best times in college was attending hockey games against Wisconsin in that old Mariucci Arena on campus. Great great times.

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