Jesus Was A Socialist

I see these from time to time.  Mostly on Facebook, sometimes in comments.  The gist is that Republicans are seen as Christians.  Christians, well, we have our Jesus.  And the theory is that if our Jesus commanded that we take care of the poor and the sick, why are we so against things like Obamacare and Medicaid?

Usually the point is made through a drawing, picture or cartoon:

I’m not so tender and fragile that I don’t find humor in this.  And the point is not lost on me either.  We SHOULD work to make the world better for all of those in it; especially those who are least able to do this for themselves.

That’s where the point kinda ends though.  See, the idea that because Jesus would have us do a thing out of love and goodwill is vastly different that thinking we should create a government mandate to require that same activity.

For example, Jesus also commands us to pray like this:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy Name…..

No one seriously feels that we should pass a law that says all of us should pray the Lord’s Prayer.  Additionally, Jesus commands us to:

Go, baptize all the nations.

In a similar manner, no one thinks that we should pass legislation requiring all US citizens go and get baptized.

My reaction to these cute and witty injections is usually to take the  message to heart, laugh, think of my friend on Facebook who posted it that I haven’t seen in 20 years and move on.  Sometimes I need to comment.

Hat Tip: Gette

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