I’ve reflected on the discovery of free markets o the part of Broadway and the airlines.  I can’t help but feel that the attitude of the Liberal is to rejoice that the Arts will enjoy increased revenues to further their artistic causes while the same activity by the airlines will be reviled as further evidence of corporate greed.


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  1. Pino – can you elaborate on your point? As an airline junky who loves Broadway, I’m curious, but not sure what to comment on….

    • Pino – can you elaborate on your point?

      Greed is in the eye of the beholder.

      When one organization is able to make money they are labelled as the 1%; greedy corporate pigs that take advantage of the little guy.

      But the same activity done by the favored elites isn’t seen in the same light.

      This can be seen, for example, in the explosion of college costs.

      Hate the fact that corporate Execs make too much money? Come on over, smoke a bowl, drum a circle and unite.

      Hate the fact that liberal universities are paying too many people too much money to pump out degrees that aren’t worth anything? Come on over and protest the corporate execs above. Oh yeah, bring the bowl. And the drum.

      We ALL look out for our own selfish self interests. Where we should, gasp, regulate, is when the pursuit of those self interests infringes on the Liberty of others.

      And selling tickets, plane or theater, doesn’t infringe.

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