Two Things I Knew But Reinforced Yesterday

I went to the doctor yesterday for a “check-up”.  This isn’t my physical or anything like that, just a quick and simple check and chat.

Good times.

So, as always the doc isn’t happy with my weight, my exercise or my daily ration of my local beverage:


After telling me that she wanted to put me on blood pressure medication 2 years ago, I sign and accepted it; getting old is both a bitch and not a choice.  And it beats the alternative.  Then, last year when she asked me how my blood pressure was, well, she was less than impressed when I told her that I didn’t know.  I never check.

Well, after listening to her go on and on about how important it was, I rushed out and bought a digital cuff machine thingy.  And now I check twice a day.  And record it.

This time I had my data and, surprisingly, she was pleased with the blood pressure.

So, now she’s done and I ask her if it could be my turn.  She kinda looks at me and nods and then I ask her this:

Doc, I read a lot and recently I came across data suggesting that salt does not, repeat does NOT, contribute to higher blood pressure.  Is this true?

She leaned back and nodded, then said;


Son of a bitch!

So, that’s the one thing I knew but confirmed.  The other is that hyper-tension is the #1 killer in America.  The cure?

A pill.  Total cost?

$4 a month.

What do these two things mean?

Life is good!

4 responses to “Two Things I Knew But Reinforced Yesterday

  1. Well, I’ll celebrate that news by indulging in a few cold beverages tonight! Plus popcorn with salt!

  2. Watch out for those hydrogenated oils on that popcorn. REALLY! They will kill you.

  3. I tend to use olive oil. But no butter — and I order my popcorn from a specialty site:

    I use one of those poppers with a crank to stir it on the bottom over high heat, which means it doesn’t require as much oil as some. Delicious!

    • I use one of those poppers with a crank to stir it on the bottom over high heat

      We had one of those. Dad bought it at Far Fest in Lake Crystal. It was a commemorative Bi-centennial jobby. Awesome corn.

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