Do The Right Thing

You know what?  I resonate with the Democrat party and the far left liberals that make it up.  I do.

More and more in my life I find myself bumping into the mass of humanity that just doesn’t care.  They make their way through life and are simply interested in the “me”.  They want “their” iPad, “their” cable TV, “their” car and “their” house.

Not one single second to pause for consideration of the “them”.  The “them” who have none of that.  Who struggle to make it by.  Who are lonely, who are hungry and who are homeless.

I’ve always resonated with that.  Since I can remember, my parents always taught me that we were the lucky ones and to always ALWAYS think of those who didn’t have what we had.

And I’ve tried to live my life in such a manner that reflects that.

I give money and I give time.  I organize people to do things that result in the benefit of others.  I join organizations that work to make this world a better place.  A better place not for me, but for people I don’t know.  And it’s incredibly rewarding and satisfying.  There are times, in fact, that I weep* upon reflection of the works that organizations I am a part of have done.

But as I look back at the things that we have done, I am always reminded that there could have been so much more.  So much more if only more people were involved.  And I’m distressed at the people who turn me down as I ask for their help in doing the things that we do.

I call.

I text.

I e-mail.

I implore.

I mock.

Nothing.  I can not move these people into activity.  And it kills me.  It kills me because I find myself ineffective AND it kills me because there are people like that.  And I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what to say, how to say it or when to say it.

I don’t.  And I wanna scream

So I get the rage and I get the feeling of helplessness.  Really.  I do.

But I would never pass a law that required YOU to contribute to MY charity.

If you are sad that people don’t care about poor people being hungry, work harder at feeding hungry people.  If you think that more people need to make more money, work harder at making more jobs that pay more people more money.

But let me be very clear.  When you legislate your version of morality, you are a monster.

* To be very clear, there should be NO confusion as to who wears the pants and who wears the skirt in my family!

2 responses to “Do The Right Thing

  1. I agree, and in fact teaching about international affairs I remind students that even the lower middle class in the US is at the top of the heap compared to the world. We have it very, very good. However, I don’t get where your last line comes from — skirt or pants? Of course, when I consider that my wife makes more money than me (close to even), I’m the one who takes the kids to school and picks them up, I am volunteering for the PTA, when my five year old got in trouble at school he said “tell my dad, don’t tell my mom” (that was Thursday!), and I’m the one more likely to want to talk things through, I guess it would sound like I’d be wearing the skirt! Yet, I think modern families are more partnerships of different personalities rather than traditional roles. I guess I still do drive the car when we go places and I mow the lawn…so I’ve got that…. 🙂

    • I don’t get where your last line comes from — skirt or pants?

      It is indeed a play on the line “Who where’s the pants in your family?”

      My wife is better, smarter, faster stronger than me.

      I am the trophy husband!

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