I Did It Too, But You Did It Last

Without a doubt the United States has made mistakes in our dealings with a whole host of people and nations.  In some cases, we were straight forward-no deception, just straight poor behavior.  In other cases, there WAS deception that preceded this poor behavior.

I have always acknowledged that our government’s treatment of native populations, nations and people was unacceptable.  However, I have always been leery at any attempt to make up for this all these years later through reparations or special benefits.

With that in mind, I am planning a family trip this weekend and I came upon this site for one of North Carolina’s State Parks:

The Town of Pilot Mountain is home to Pilot Mountain State Park, which is a remnant of the ancient Sauratown Mountains. The Saura Indians who inhabited the area knew Pilot Mountain as Jomeokee, the “Pilot” or “Great Guide”. The Cherokee Indians eventually drove the Saura Indians out of the area. Pilot Mountain became the 14th State Park in 1968 when it was purchased from Mrs. J.W. Beasley. Pilot Mountain State Park is made up of 3,703 acres of land, which preserves the natural resources of North Carolina.

So, if the United States government is expected to compensate the Cherokee, would the Cherokee than be expected to compensate the Saura?

My guess is probably not.  And why this is stumps me.  I’m sure it has to do with some form of “ism” or intolerance inherent in me; being conservative and all.

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