Sexism or Just Good Business

I have a really cool old used book store I like.  It’s big, full, extensive and unpretentious.  You just go and shop and no one stops to bug ya unless you go ask to be bugged.

The other day I was shopping for old Free Mason texts, found a few and just kinda asked:

“Do you have the ability to notify me when these things come in?”

Voila.  I’m now on the list.  And here is what I got today:

As we are near the Holiday season, have mustered a collection that will please everyone.  We’ve prepared sets of products for both men and women, books that will serve as great gifts, leisure reading, or help guides.  For men, we’ve placed our Science Fictions, Outdoor Sporting, and Business sections with awesome discounts.  Also for women, our Crafts, Cooking and Romance Novel prices are slashed.

To review.


  • Science Fiction
  • Outdoor Sporting
  • Business


  • Romance
  • Cooking
  • Crafts

For the record, the owner is a woman and successful.  Is she sexist or just right?

One response to “Sexism or Just Good Business

  1. Probably right, but I get really irritated by Parenting magazines and “tips for mom” and “what will help mom” and then sometimes “even dad can play role…”

    My wife’s job is more stressful and time consuming (and higher paying) than mine. She’s out the door before the kids are awake, so I get them ready and drive them to school. I pick them up afterwards. I usually put them to bed and more often than not fix their meals. In terms of the kids, I’ve got the stereotypical mother’s role, and she’s got the stereotypical father’s role. And the reason is employment: her job takes more time and energy from her than mine does from me. I love spending time with the kids, but get comments like “wow, what a dad” when I do things moms are expected to do as a matter of course. So I’m going to strike out for gender equality by volunteering to serve as some kind of officer in the PTA (which has been led by women).

    But, yeah, I think the book seller has it right, though there are exceptions. Men and women are different.

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