Irene: August 23 – 23:30

She’s comin’!

The question is, where will she hit?

Now, close your eyes so tight your ears hurt.  You can KINDA hear the word Irene……

THAT is a song that’ll take your mind off of hurricanes for sure!

7 responses to “Irene: August 23 – 23:30

  1. Thought of you on hearing of the storm. Are your windows boarded up???

    • Are your windows boarded up???

      I’m in Raleigh; 150 miles from the beach.

      While I have bought new propane tanks, sharpened my chain saw blades and bought canned goods, I’m not close enough to cause windows to be shattered.

      Hope for those in the way of this thing……it could be bad.

  2. Even in Maine we’re talking about the possibility of getting hit. By the time it gets this far it’ll certainly be a tropical storm (though the coast has been hit before). I’m way inland so the most we’d get is high winds and a few inches of rain, but it’s rare that we’re possibly going to take a (relatively mild at worst) hit.

  3. Be safe Pino! She’s looking angry…

  4. Predictions were hard, especially about what was the future!

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