Free Masonry: A Thing You May Not Have Known

Did you know that if you wanna be a Free Mason all you have to do is ask to join?

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  1. But why would you want to?

    • But why would you want to?

      It’s a fantastic organization.

      As our society focuses more and more on “staying in touch” from the comfort of your home, we are losing our sense of community. We see our PCs and our game boxes and our phones as our methods of communication and socialization. For example, I chat more with you than I do my sister. Or my neighbor.

      As guys are beginning to sense a feeling of “out of touchness” they are beginning to look for outlets that build strong social bonds. Further, people are realizing that “giving back” is a powerful powerful addictive.

      Free Masonry is the perfect fit. The bond of of the fraternity, the relationships at the lodge are incredibly attractive. The fellowship and camaraderie amazingly rewarding. AND the work of the lodge is to make the man a better man while at the same time making the community a better place.

      What could be better than forming life long relationships with men that you have nothing more in common with other than being able to say, out loud, unashamed, in front of people, “I wanna be a better man, husband, father, son and citizen.”?

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