Barack Obama Is Neil Diamond

A friend of mine from the Way Back Machine tipped me off to a critique of Barack Obama from a body language perspective.  It’s a fascinating reflection on how President Obama speaks rather that on what he speaks about.

Every now and then I mention that Obama is our first American Idol President.  That he won the election not so much on substance but on showmanship.  Fun to see that I may not be alone in this query.

Obama carried a message.  He carried the way out of frustration.  And he did this in a way and manner that resonated with today’s generation.  He is a consummate showman, he has masterful command of crowds and is able to bring the emotion we all feel directly to the quick.

Truly a master of his craft:

And listening to this, I couldn’t help but be brought back to Neil Diamonds immortal [immortal, right?!?!?!] rendition of a Southern Baptist Preacher.  Turn it ALL the way up!!:

Does it get ANY better?

3 responses to “Barack Obama Is Neil Diamond

  1. But my dad like Neil Diamon, but can’t stand Obama. It’s a paradox.

  2. Ah yes, my first LP was Neil Diamond’s “Touching Me, Touching You.” I also had “Gold” which I believe had a great version of Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation show. For some reason I really preferred Neil Diamond’s early work to his later work (same with Elton John). Speaking of Presidents I remember in “Frost and Nixon” they had someone playing Neil Diamond in a scene singing “Frost and Nixon, Frost and Nixon” to the tune of “Love and Marriage.”

    • For some reason I really preferred Neil Diamond’s early work to his later work

      This is true of virtually every meaningful artist. Hunger and homelessness creates a magnificently creative mind.

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