Abortion: What Is It?

The argument made for the case of abortion is that it’s a woman’s choice what she wants to do with her body.  And to the extent that we’re talking about her body, I couldn’t agree more.

Tattoo?  Go for it.

Piercing?  Have at it.

Cut your hair?  Dye your hair?  Cut your finger nails?  All yours.

But does there exist a moment in time when the “woman’s body” transforms into the body of the child?  That is, is there a time, after conception and before literal birth when the collection of cells goes from a biology experiment to a living human?

The courts seem to think so:

AITKIN, Minn. – A 24-year-old northern Minnesota man is charged with attempted murder of a fetus after he allegedly kicked and punched his pregnant wife in the stomach.

Rory Northrup was arrested at his rural Aitkin home last Thursday. He is charged with first-degree premeditated attempted murder of an unborn child and third-degree assault.

A woman, pregnant with an “unborn child” is assaulted and the man is charged with first-degree premeditated attempted murder of an unborn child.

No one disputes that he is guilty of assault.  He certainly assaulted the woman.  kicked and punched her it seems.  And while I agree he is also guilty of attempted murder, I don’t think folks on the Left would also agree.

Setting aside for a minute the when of life, we all agree that if and when we agree that having an abortion is allowed or legal, it is up to the woman.  No one disputes this.  But this should not be construed to mean that simply because a woman chooses or not chooses means the collection of cells  is or isn’t a human life.  Her choice does not change that fact.

The bottom line is that we’re talking about a life.  And to ignore that fact, to cover our ears and chant la-la-la-la is irresponsible to valid debate on the issue.

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