Economics of Romance

It would appear that Economics is not limited to matters of the wallet.

To begin, let’s review the definition of Economics:

The study of the use of scare resources which have alternative uses.

This definition is as true for money as it is for matter of the heart.

Because we are all individuals looking after our own self interests, it should surprise no one that this pertains to virtually every aspect of our lives.  From where we buy our milk to where we go to school.

It guides our decisions that deal with t-shirts and medicine.  It dictates who and what we are and what we do.

And it matters when it comes to who we choose to enter into relationships with:

…as women become more financially independent, they want an older, more attractive male partner.

And why would that be?

Studies have previously found that women place greater emphasis on whether a man can provide for them, while men place more importance on good looks.


So men who are able to provide for themselves chase women who are good looking.

And when women feel they no longer need a man to provide for them?

…independence gives women greater confidence in choosing their partner. Instinctive preferences for material stability and security become less important, physical attractiveness becomes more important…

Now I know why my wife married me!

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