Have You Ever Noticed

You know when we have one of those little holidays, or heck, even one of the big ones, and the garbage guys don’t come to your house?

And you have to leave the trash out the next day to be picked up?

And then, by next week, they are back on track and pick up your trash on the normal regular day.

That’s cool.  But you know what it tells me?

Garbage men only need to work 4 day weeks.

Just sayin’.

One response to “Have You Ever Noticed

  1. Here is my take on that subject.
    First, the garbage collectors in my area, usually work Monday through Friday. On holiday weeks, they work Saturday to make up for the missed holiday. I actually consider this to be a bit unfair. They loose their weekend day off on weeks with a holiday. Now they probably are getting double time for that Saturday, but still… it does not seem fair to give them a holiday off in the middle of the week only to “steal” back a Saturday from them.
    Here is a bigger point that shows how we all could be more productive. Garbage collectors rarely leave any uncollected garbage behind, so they never get too far behind. Most of us have uncompleted work from previous weeks that we keep avoiding, so this week, I not only need to do “this weeks” work, but I also need to do some work left from past weeks. Next week I will still be doing some of this weeks work. If we did all of our work on schedule, we too could take a few four day work weeks each year and not get behind.

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