Regulations: Clear Cut Case Where They Kill Business

One single election.  Done.  Back in business.

One man lost.  Back in business.

One law reviewed.  Back in business.

In 1966 Minnesota passed a law that says wooden boats can have no more than 50 overnight passengers.

Well, there is a steamboat, The River Queen, that had been granted an exception to that law and operated on the Mississippi River as a tourist destination.

Last year that exception was blocked:

The Arkansas News Bureau of the Stephens Media Group reports that in 2008, it was taken off the river after Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar cited safety concerns in not continuing to exempt the vessel from a 1966 law that prohibits wooden boats from carrying more than 50 overnight passengers.

The Delta Queen can carry 174 passengers.

Since then, the boat has been a floating hotel in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Well.  Guess what.

Oberstar lost.

…Oberstar’s defeat could open the door for its return to the river.

THAT’S how you create jobs!  Vote out the Statists!

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