Greed Played No Part in the Gulf Oil Spill


I don’t get the feeling that this will go over very well at all. For a long time, heck, since the first day of the explosion, the prevailing thought has been that the oil companies sacrificed safety for money.  That it’s been greed that caused the oil spill and if not for said greed, we never would have had to live through this nightmare.

We may have to rethink this logic.

A new report just out from National  Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling states that there is:

No evidence at this time to suggest that there was a conscious decision to sacrifice safety concerns to save money.

There were several contributors, but greed and corporate selfishness don’t seem to be among them.  I am not shocked that massive corporations would not willingly piss off millions of their customers by dumping oil into the oceans.

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