What This Election Tidal Wave DOESN’T Mean

We killed ’em!  The Democrats were soundly beaten and the message has been sent:

“Not here, not now, not this way”.

So what does it mean?  What does this roar of the people mean to the Republicans in DC?

Lemme tell ya what I think it DOESN’T mean.

The massive and historic defeat the Democrats suffered is going to be studied for generations.  61 seats changed hands last night.  Sixty ‘effin one.

That, children, will be a horror story that Liberal mothers can use to scare their Liberal kids into behaving.

And only time will tell what this will mean to how we govern, how we elect and how we choose.

But here’s what I think it doesn’t mean:

  1. It does not mean that Republicans can govern like Leftists.  We have elected Liberty loving lawmakers.  Govern from Liberty.
  2. Republicans can not impose their version of morality.  The government has no place the definition of marriage as it relates to legal contracts.
  3. It doesn’t mean that we get to keep people out of America.  We are ALL children of immigrants.  Let people who are willing to sacrifice everything to come here to work and worship INTO THE COUNTRY!
    1. Please do this quickly.
  4. This election victory does NOT mean that you can spend money on YOUR pet projects.  Stop.  Spending.  Money.
  5. This does NOT mean we aren’t watching you.

Lot’s of people have been saying that this election is not an embracing of the Republicans as much as it’s a “run away from” of the Democrats.  If the newly elected lawmakers let us down, it’ll break my heart.

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