Site Hits

So, back in March and April I was excited because traffic to the site increased by 300% over the previous few months.  I thought I was “on my way.”  Whatever THAT means.

However, May and June not only failed to increase traffic, those months actually came in with LESS traffic than the previous months.

July?  Well, slightly better than June, it’s still well below March and April.

As the month came to an end I was bummed.  I enjoy doing this because it’s a hobby; I have fun AND I learn a lot.  But I admit, part of it is an addiction to readers.  And I was stalling even slowing.

I blamed it on summer, lack of interest and all kinds of other things having little to do with me.  Then I noticed something:

I posted just over a third as often as I did in March, just under half of what I posted in April.

Funny thing that free market.  When less is offered for sale, less will be “purchased.”

Also, powerful lesson in cause and effect.  More often the thing that I want but don’t have has more to do with me, my attitude and my effort than any other single cause.

As I often say;

Go. Do.

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