The GOP is Limiting Their Base

The more and more I watch, follow this stuff and learn, I begin to feel that there is no party for me.  I see these far far off the map religious kooks and I’m like “Jeez!  That’s not even CLOSE to me!”

This isn’t to say that I’m not a Christian [I am].  It’s not to say that I don’t think we should live our life in a moral and upright way [I do].  And it’s not to say that our country wasn’t founded on the Hebrewistic God[it was]. All I am saying is that I really enjoy the Liberty of being able to worship as I see fit, and I wanna extend that same Liberty to all folks who live here.

I mean, imagine if instead of being able to go to a reasonably liberal church, every so often, wearing blue jeans and a polo, I was capital F Forced, to attend every single Sunday, coat and tie, girls in dresses and then again on Wednesday.  For 2 hours!  I’d kick like a damn mule!

Further, our Liberty allows me to interpret my faith in ways and manners that I see fit.  I happen to feel that I commune with my God as much on Sunday in the pew as I do on the steps with my kid explaining the love of a father for his child.

I LOVE that others are beginning to feel and EXPRESS the same thing:

I don’t believe we can legislate morality. I believe we need to restrict our own behaviors through free will to live the life of our choice.

I have decided that I will always err on the side of freedom and domestic liberty.

We need to convince people that the Founders intended for a small government to maintain order, not as a social safety net that negates the consequences of poor individual choices.

How beautiful is that?

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