Check Your Work

Global Warming.  GLOBAL WARMING!

The globe is warming, man is causing it and we are all going to die!

And this is settled science.  ‘Cause that’s what all the science says.  And the news is telling us so!

PHILADELPHIA –- An international team of environmental scientists led by the University of Pennsylvania has shown that sea-level rise, at least in North Carolina, is accelerating. Researchers found 20th-century sea-level rise to be three times higher than the rate of sea-level rise during the last 500 years. In addition, this jump appears to occur between 1879 and 1915, a time of industrial change that may provide a direct link to human-induced climate change.

The rate of relative sea-level rise, or RSLR, during the 20th century was 3 to 3.3 millimeters per year, higher than the usual rate of one per year. Furthermore, the acceleration appears consistent with other studies from the Atlantic coast, though the magnitude of the acceleration in North Carolina is larger than at sites farther north along the U.S. and Canadian Atlantic coast and may be indicative of a latitudinal trend related to the melting of the Greenland ice sheet.

Holy Moly!

But wait.  What happens when a skeptic goes and checks the data?

Fortunately they provide the data with the plot. You can read all about the Topex/Poseidon data preparation here. I took that raw data and plotted it here in an expanded size and did a trend line.  The result was surprising. A slight negative trend.

See, this is the problem I have with the Global Warming crowd.  They claim they have data.  Back away from data that shows their data to be wrong.  They make predictions suing bad data and then ignore the fact that their predictions are always wrong.

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