Health Care and the Capital “O” Ought

So, it seems as if this country is going to get ready for some big time politics surrounding the health care industry in the next several months.  And it is going to be Democrat vs. Republican.  Liberal vs. Conservative.  It’s going to be “What we wish it could be like” vs. “This is how it is”.

Wait.  Did I say that?

The problem that I have with liberals is that they see inequity and just simply say “That’s not fair!” and then stomp their feet.  Then, they look around and say, well, sheesh, if the rich have this, than I want that too!  And then they legislate that.  All the while never understanding that what they are doing is putting those poor folks deeper and deeper in the hole than when they started.  I’ll never forget reading that when the minimum wage was enacted, hundreds of thousands of African Americana’s became unemployed.

Anyway, so here it is, the challenge:  Regarding health care; what is it that you want?  What is broken now that you wanna see fixed?  What metrics will you use?

Is it basic care that you want given to all people?  is it emergent care that you want?  Life threatening illness care?  What, exactly, do you want?

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