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When Does It End?

I mentioned the other day, I like going to the YMCA The Y.  I used to go because I liked to run, swim and just kinda work out.  Now, I go mostly to feel better.

In other words, I just hit the hot tub, the sauna and the steam room.

And then I leave.

But I feel REALLY good!

But this week I wasn’t able to get my full allotment of feel good.  And wanna know why?


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I like going to the YMCA to work out.  Mostly I like going to the tavern after I work out for a beer.  But this is my story so we’ll just go with the whole YMCA thing.

In recent months, the YMCA has shifted the way it market’s itself.  They’re moving away from the “YMCA” towards a more general “The Y”.


Who cares?

Then I saw this:

Interesting, huh?  Even catchy.

Ramblin’ Rose Triathalon.

Now look closer:

Pure awesomeness!

The YMCA, in an effort to be more gender neutral, has a “Women Only” event.

Freakin’ Leftists 😉