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Eating Like A College Student – Update

Food Stamps

I have recently posted on the democrat’s challenge to eat on the average weekly amount of benefits under SNAP – $31.50 – and of the republican’s attempt to meet that challenge.

Nickgb posted over at PYM of his attempt to replicate that attempt here and here.

Then I gave it a college try here.  And I hit it:

For $31.50, I have eaten for a week AND included veggies and fruits.  Plus I have a small beginning for next week to help me out even further.

But I wanted to see if North Carolina was “average”.

I went here to find out:

North Carolina Benefits

We much more generous than the average as described by the democrats.In fact, an individual can earn up to $14,532 and still qualify for $200 a month.  To be sure, 14k a year isn’t much money at all; rent surely would take most of it.  But, 50 bucks is a bunch more than $31.50.  If I had an extra 20 to spend in my challenge I could almost certainly afford a twelve pack.

Where it gets really interesting, however, is at the 2 household range.  There a person can earn $19,680 a year and still qualify for $367.00 a month.  In fact, if approved, an individual could earn $30,000 and qualify for that amount.

And if that individual is the mother of a young child?


  • 128 oz of juice per month
  • 4 gallons of milk per month
  • 36 oz of cereal per month
  • A dozen eggs
  • 2 lbs of bread
  • 18 oz of peanut butter

Again, not the life of luxury and excess.  But I’m not sure that most people would  support the idea of providing such aid to someone making 20-30k a year if they were asked.