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Democrat Women Silent On Liberal Slurs

I posted earlier about the fact that liberals don’t expect themselves, themselves as an identified “group” to live up a certain level of values.  The individual and specific father of three 4 who teaches school and considers himself a devote Christian?  Does he have, and live by, values?  Sure.

Same for the soccer mom who volunteers at the hospital, organizes fund raisers for charities and contributes to others and considers herself a lifelong liberal?  Her?  Is she an example of a person living a “values-based” life?  Sure.

But it ends there.  As a group, there is no demand that values be important.

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Of Liberals And Conservatives: Rush and Maher

Rush stepped in it.

I know he’s an entertainer.  I know he’s just a commentator looking for ratings.  I know he likes to lambaste.

But there’s a line; he crossed it.

What I find interesting isn’t that Rush crossed that line or the hot water he’s now in, that’s predictable and this’ll pass.  What I find interesting is the standard that liberals have of themselves.

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