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How Liberty – Democracy – Is Lost

West WIng

I’m watching the West Wing on Netflix.  Awesome clip from Season One Episode 7.  A democrat no less:

The Limits Of Government Power

In the last 6 years, the government has done stuff that leaves me wondering if there is a  limit to what it can do.

For example, we see bills such as the Patriot Act passed into law that really push the limits on government intrusion.  If they can do “that”, what can’t they do?

Then there were the wars in foreign nations.  If we can just do “that”, is there any thing that we can’t do?

Then TARP, TARP II and the bailout of the car companies.

All of which leads us to Obamacare and the preventative care mandate.

What can’t they do?

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The Problem With the Tax Debate

With the advent of the Tea Party we’re seeing the tax debate being held more and more in the public square.  I actually hear people talking about the “death tax” and “tax cut vs tax extension” in coffee shops and YMCAs.

I think it’s great.

However, in almost every single conversation, there is one aspect of the debate that I think gets left out; and it drives me crazy.

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