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Aahh Yes, A Lesson on the Tender Mercies of Tolerance From the Left

No sooner had I finished the polishing touches on the post I just wrote pointing out the violence of the Left and the hypocrisy of the same do I sit down with a cold beer and work on clearing out the DVR.

And I get to the Daily Show.  And 12 saved episodes. And yeah, it’s time to clean out some Daily show.

So I crack the beer and settle in for some good times with Jon Stewart.

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

It was shortly after the Tucson shootings that the talk around the proverbial water cooler began to center around the tone of our political discourse.  Some felt that the aggressiveness of the conversation led people, admittedly unbalanced people, to veer over the fine line they were walking and snap.

I tried to shape that conversation in such a manner to ensure what we were talking about was political tone on BOTH sides of the great divide.  I wanted to make the point that unless the conversation of “tamping it down” was done in a bi-partisan manner, the effect would be that of a lecture.

I failed in my attempt.

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The Problem With Knee Jerk Reactions: Other Than The Jerk

We knew it wasn’t gonna take long.  As shock and horror melted away into grief, which in turn melted into rejoicing, we have time to reflect on the impacts of this tragedy.

Because they are elected to “do the people’s business”, our elected officials are going to feel obligated to do just that.

To be sure, folks are gonna line up and voice their complaint, their grievance, their solution.  And they’re gonna say, like everyone before them, “Restrict more rights!”

Except they won’t say it like that.

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Well Done Boss

I didn’t listen to Obama live the other night as he delivered his speech in Tucson.  Partly ’cause I was busy but mostly because I didn’t wanna listen to him talk on about the events.

I’m jaded.  I’m bias.

My die is cast.

He has a long LONG way to go to create an environment in which I see him in a different light than I did, say, yesterday morning.

But I watched this speech just now.

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Tucson and the State

Events like this are seminal.  We’ll remember this forever.  Or for a long time at least.  Maybe it’ll linger only for those of us old enough and plugged in enough to know what happened.

For my kids, it might make a note in the history book for their civics course; maybe not.

I get twisted by stuff like this.  All the normal stuff to be sure.  The tragedy of the story, the victims that passed away, the victims that lived.  Hell, the victim that is the shooter – what musta happened to him to make him wanna do that.

But somewhere inside, I felt we were missin’ somethin’.

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Compare and Contrast

I’m not sure what it means; I wanna stay away from the very thing I suspect it is.

I was reading though Renaissance Guy this morning when he brought up the very thing I’ve been rattling around:

…in the Fort Hood shooting there was a Muslim man who clearly considered himself part of the massive struggle that radical Muslims call jihad.  In that case, however, the media darlings tried and tried to avoid reporting it.

in the Tucson shooting there allegedly and apparently is a lone man, deeply disturbed and incoherent, with no clearly dilineated political persuasion and no definite motive.  It’s a bit too soon to tell for certain, but it appears that they [the media] were dead wrong again…

Let’s take a look.

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