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North Carolina Tolling: Update

As I’ve mentioned in the past, North Carolina is experimenting with toll roads.  As I’ve stated, I’m in favor of this type of taxation.  It more correctly taxes usage than does a generic gasoline tax.  Monies generated from a particular road have a better shot at being spent on the upkeep of that road.  And, the money generated can help build a maintain future infrastructure.

Additionally the tolling can be used to create a market and maximize traffic flow.  By raising rates during peak hours, lowering them during off peak hours, we’ll better be able to move more cars and trucks through than we other wise would.  Sort of a “Tragedy of the Commons” modern style.

But is it working?

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North Carolina Rail

North Carolina is interested in building out it’s light rail infrastructure.  And, in those places that make sense, it should.

For example, if there is a destination that has significant traffic, it might make sense to install some form of rail service to alleviate traffic or even draw revenue.

The problem with such plans?  Trains have to run on tracks.  And tracks are both expensive to build and impossible to move.  They are where they are and nothing can be done concerning the “ad hoc” needs of commuters.

So rail planning HAS to rely on data, good data, well thought out data aboiut the goals and ability to meet ’em.

Most, including the News And Observer, don’t do their due diligence.

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