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Education – Better With Less

Technology Bad

A new report, and I stress “A”, demonstrates that not ALL money spent on education is good money spent on education:

Laptops may actually hinder students ability to learn, providing a distraction and even affecting students sitting near their owners, according to a stunning new Canadian report.

With laptops and tablet computers pervading the modern classroom, the report suggests that paper and pencil might be less distracting overall.

“We really didn’t think the effects would be this huge,” explained McMaster University researcher Faria Sana, who co-authored the study with fellow doctoral student Tina Weston. “It can change your grade from a B+ to a B-.”

If true, this would be an example where a reduction in an education budget is actually a good thing.

Testing iPad Posting

My wife recently recieved her iPad 2 in the mail. That means her old iPad goes to me. I’m trying to see if this thing can replace a laptop for blogging.

So far so good. The interface is intuitive and easy; even fun.

Now, lets see if I can insert an image.


Okay…..so that was easy’ish however, I get the feeling that I just published the post without wanting to be done.

Okay, now I’ gonna try and link a site:

Hmmmm….no joy.

It seems that I am posting in HTML mode and would need to be ble to “code” the hyperlink. Not an insurmountable problem but not as easy as it should be.

Now to try and try fonts.


Again, no joy.

If I wana include such fonts, I would have to code them as well. Not such a good feature.

Now, to be fair, this is the WordPress App. I think WordPress needs to do more work on this, not Apple. The other missing feature is it’s missing Apple’s real time spell check and auto-cap feature. Big dissatisfier. Oh, and the double tap period applicator. Boo.

I’ll next try to post from the native website and not the app. We’ll see if that’sany better. Or worse.