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Health Care: Why We Are The Best In The World


All you have to do is Google “USA Healthcare Ranking” to see that most people thing we rank low; very low.  But I have been carrying the banner that this ranking isn’t an accurate portrayal of the health care system in America.  Rather, when appropriately measured, we rank #1, just as you would expect.

See, the organizations doing the ranking have a built in bias.  They rank health care systems lower that don’t meet their already stated goals.  That is, they punish the United States for not having medical facilities close to a certain segment of the population even though that certain segment of the population moved to rural Montana fully aware of the risks.

But most egregious is the failure of these organizations to normalize their data. For example, these statistics use life expectancy.  Yet they fail to account for the fact that the United States has a disproportionate number of deaths due to non-health care related causes.

No matter.

And I have been fighting an uphill battle.  Until now.

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Infant Mortality Rate: Numbers Matter

I think it’s important.

Plus, as we get closer and closer to election time, we’re gonna be discussing this more and more.

Plus, the debate is raging over at Poison Your Mind concerning it.

What is it?  What are we debating and how can there be a debate?

Well, it is Infant Mortality rates and how they can be used to measure a nation’s health care system.  Rightly or wrongly.

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