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The One Percenters


1 percentTalking to a friend today and the concept of the 1% came up.

Who are the 1%:

  • Roughly 80 percent of millionaires in America are the first generation of their family to be rich.
  • Roughly a third were entrepreneurs or managers of nonfinancial businesses.
  • Nearly 16 percent were doctors or other medical professionals.
  • NYU sociologist Dalton Conley says that “higher-income folks work more hours than lower-wage earners do.”
  • The top 1 percent pay 36.7 percent of all federal income taxes
  • They earn just 16 percent of all income

Deciding To Make Money Or Not Make Money


What Do You Want To Make

In many ways it’s perverse – an individual has to make a decision in their late teens – early twenties that will impact the rest of their lives.  But there it is, the decision: What are you going to do with your life.

And for a lot of people, this feathers into which degree they will obtain while attending college.

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Tea Party – Occupy Wall Street

Say what you will about the Tea Party and their tactics in the House over the debate surrounding the Debt Ceiling and raising it.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Tea Party has been wildly more successful in their ambitions to change politics than the Occupy Wall Street hippies ever thought they could hope for.

There hasn’t been a serious OWS story in a year, there are no Occupy candidates running for office and not one that holds office.

Given that success, which movement do you think more accurately represents most American’s desires – the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street?

Thankful Tuesdays

So, North Carolina is making headlines for their Moral Monday protests.  Typical liberal complaints about wars on various things, republicans hate the poor and kids and moms and baseball.  The normal stuff.

But added to the mix is the disbelief that when republicans take control of state government for the first time in 150 years, they are going to govern different than democrats.

Anyway, the Moral Monday protests are silly in the same way that the Occupy Wall Street protests were silly.  But now the right has countered:

Raleigh, N.C. — About 200 supporters expressed their appreciation Tuesday for North Carolina Republicans’ efforts to cut taxes, require identification before voting and make getting abortions more difficult.

Republican groups organized a “Thankful Tuesday” rally at the government complex in Raleigh to praise the GOP-led legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory for their work passing conservative policies.

Sigh.  The right.  So much less skilled at message crafting than the left; Thankful Tuesday.  They can’t even get the name right.  Who holds a Thankful Tuesday when Thankful Thursday is available?

Anyway, the republicans are going to  over reach, to be sure, and they’re gonna make mistakes – again, no surprise.  But the left needs to calm down when, for the first time in a dozen or more decades, things aren’t being decided by them.

The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Very appropriate considering the convention in Charlotte.

Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Ted Cruz

‘nough said.


Have you heard anything about the Occupy Wall Street idiots?

Me either.


An Open Letter To Occupy Raleigh

I want to be very clear; I openly mock the Occupy movement.

There isn’t one single characteristic about #OWS that distinguishes it from any other leftist movement.  Listening to the rhetoric coming from Occupy you would not be able to identify whether or not your are listening to:

  1. A Greenpeace protest to save seals in Greenland.
  2. A university protest to bring attention to the wages of house keepers on campus.
  3. NAACP protests concerned about the treatment of an individual.
  4. A communist party meeting discussing the evils of profits.

There is nothing that distinguishes you from anything that we’ve already seen.

It’s anger unleashed on the world with no discernible focus.  There is no clear indication that you have a point.

You are open to mockery.

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Occupy Wall Street: Racism – Zuccotti Park

There is little doubt that the Occupy Wall Street crowd was supposed to be the Democrat, the liberal, answer to the Tea Party.  However, in typical leftist fashion the movement demonstrated that it is undisciplined, unlawful and unruly.

Where the Tea Party was organized the Occupiers are downright chaotic.  Where the Tea Party showed a discipline that resulted in a point, the Occupy is inexplicably pointless.  And where the Tea Party followed the law, the Occupy demonstrates it’s willingness to rape, to steal, to vandalize and to desecrate.

But how about the claims that it is the Occupy that are guilty of the very sin heaped upon the Tea Party?

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Occupy Wall Street: Oakland Style

There can no longer be any doubt that the serious individuals who may have made up any aspect of Occupy have left.  What is left is the professional protester, the anarchist and the anti-capitalist.  These are the people who use violence as an accepted means of normal discourse.

These are the criminals.  These are the fringe.

Label them as damage and route around them: Hat Tip: Ryan Grace

Reporting from Oakland—

Officials surveyed damage Sunday from a volatile Occupy protest that resulted in hundreds of arrests the day before and left the historic City Hall vandalized after demonstrators broke into the building, smashed display cases, cut electrical wires and burned an American flag.

Breaking and entering.  Vandalism.  Burning an American flag.  All the act of a sincere and thinking American to be sure.

And lest you think that this is a splinter group, a few outliers raging under the banner of Occupy, think again:

The Occupy action was publicized by the group as a planned takeover of a vacant building that would be “repurposed” as a “social center, convergence center and headquarters of the Occupy Oakland movement.” In an open letter to Quan on Wednesday, the group warned that if police attempted to thwart the takeover, “indefinite occupation” of Oakland’s airport, port and City Hall could follow.

This is purposeful.  This is deliberate.  This has the forethought of malice.  This is no reasonable objection to the direction of a nation.  This is no willingness to work within the constraints of a system.  This is children.  Children grown up acting like children none the less.

This is Occupy.