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Free Market: Microsoft Office

The latest iteration in the market delivering goods and services at the lowest price possible:

This week, Onlive Inc., in Palo Alto, Calif., is releasing an app that brings the full, genuine Windows versions of the key Office productivity apps—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—to the iPad. And it’s free. These are the real programs. They look and work just like they do on a real Windows PC. They let you create or edit genuine Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

When allowed to roam free, the market will solve virtually any problem you can think of.


How To Break A Monopoly

We hate monopolies.

People fear ’em and the government works to find and destroy ’em.

They’re bad and they’re evil; scourges  on civilization.

I mostly agree.  I think monopolies would be able to take advantage of markets and prices and demand and supply to benefit themselves without being subject to normal natural checks and balances.

With that said, I do not, do NOT, believe that a monopoly can exits in an open market without the aid of government.

That is government regulation creates and sustains monopolies, not free markets.

Thought experiment:  Think of one single naturally occurring monopoly in the real world.

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Corporations: Too Big to Stop

All we here from Obama and the Left these days is that corporations are evil.  They are too big to fail.  They are only craven beasts intent on profit.  They must be stopped.  And failing that, they must be limited.

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