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Light Bulb Technology: Update III

This represents the final of the series in my light bulb experiment.

I have finished test driving three types of bulb technology, incandescent, CFL and LED.  The results are below and to be honest, I shocked.  To the point I may have to run it again.

Bulb Cost per Bulb Cost per KWH Cost per hour Lifespan 50,000 Hour Cost
Incandescent $1.00 $0.1701 $0.0070 2,000 $375.00
CFL $1.00 $0.1701 $0.0017 10,000 $88.00
LED $18.00 $0.1701 $0.0017 50,000 $103.00

The efficiency of the LED is not better, literally, then that of the CFL.  Further, the COST of the LED is through the roof.  Finally, the light given off by the LED is horrible; more akin to a institutional ward than a reading source or office light.

The hands down winner is the CFL with the incandescent coming in last.


Now, for the dilemma.  Would we have seen the advent of the CFL without government intervention in the light bulb market?

Light Bulb Technology

So, last week I was in Home Depot looking for some stuff.  And while shopping for stuff, I thought of some other stuff I wanted to buy.  Light bulbs.  See, I like my light bulbs and the light they give off.  Further, I discriminate in my light bulbs based on several factors:

  1. Quality of light
  2. Cost of bulb
  3. Heat of bulb
  4. Cost of electricity
  5. Cost of replacement

The single most important aspect to me is the quality of the light.  I hate Hate HATE working in too dim light, reading by too bright a light and sweating too near a hot light.  Hate it all.  So, it matters.

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