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Plumbers vs. Gutter Guys

So, fascinating expereince the last two weeks.

As I mentioned, I’ve been working on a plumbing problem at my house; the main line broke near the water meter and I needed the whole reun replaced.  It was just too expensive to continue to dig and patch.

So, I obtained estimates from 4 plumbers and chose 1 of ’em.

Now, with the plumbing project complete, I am working on repairing/replacing the gutters on my house.

Same song, different verse.  Obtain 3 estimates and pick 1.

Lemme’ tell you that there is an incredible difference between the customer service in gutter guys and plumbers.

While the plumbers were late, ill prepared and in 2 of 3 cases failed to deliver a quote on time, the gutter folks were not only on time, they called to confirm.  They were polite and engaging.  Further, the quotes, when not delivered on the spot, were on time professionally done with photes and diagrams.  All neatly done on a PDF.

I got to wondering why this was.  My conclusion?

Plumbers are licensed.  Gutter guys aren’t.

Licensing is just another method to keep new competition from entering the market.

Republicans Can Be Leftists Too: Part I

I am going to have to start a new category:  Republicans Can Be Leftists Too!

See, it’s not so much the fact that I mind that the “other” team wins, it’s that they win using techniques I object too.  And when the Republicans do it, well, I can’t just let’em off the hook.

So, we have this new forum where I wanna point out Republicans restricting Liberty.  Where we show people in politics will do whatever it takes to remain in power; not govern.  And that the fight we are fighting is not just the Right vs.s the Left, but rather us vs. tactics employed by the Leftists.

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