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Wherein Barack Obama Channels George Dubya Bush

Remember when Barack Obama was against all that Bush was for?

Debt limit being raised?  Against it.  [Though to be fair, every single Democrat in the Senate, every single one, voted against it.  And I suspect now that each and every one will vote FOR it.  Again, in the spirit of fairness, every single Republican also voted FOR it.  Sill y business hits.]

War in Iraq?  Against it.

Gitmo?  Against it.

Rendition?  Against it.

And now this one.  Libya.

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For Better For Worse

Look, I get it.  Some of us are okay with military action in order to protect our interests.  Others, not so much.

Some folks would like the US to lead in International affairs.  Again, others would rather we took a more passive role and involve ourselves only insomuch as we are part of a larger coalition.

Be that as it may, we are seeing, and will continue to see, how a world reacts with America acting as a partner, not a leader.

As an aside, I am curious.  Can anyone describe the substantial difference in Libya breaking one single UN resolution that makes force okay while Iraq breaking multiple UN resolutions did not justify force?

I Bet the Cairo Speech Did This

I never thought that we went into Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.  I also never felt that we went into Iraq because Mr. Bush needed to finish what daddy started.  I have always felt that it was something else.  Now, that’s where it ended for me.  I only have so much, so much…ahhh, so much — noodles.  If ya know what I mean.  But The Voice of Reason?  Now SHE has it goin’ on.  She has maintained that we moved into Iraq to set up camp next to Iran.

I know why I married her.

But maybe she was wrong.  Maybe it’s because ol’ Dubya was straight talkin’.  Maybe we were just bringin’ some ol’ fashion freedom:

America chose to save us from the most evil party, and the most despicable President in the universe [Saddam].

America gave the lives of 4,000 of its people to Iraq’s land to instill security and democracy,

America came bearing democracy for Iraq

America canceled all of our debts and urged the rest of the world to do so,

America allowed Shias to practice their religion

America opened the world to us

America urged the Gulf States to allow Iraq to return to the Gulf Cooperation Council

America decided to withdraw from Iraq cities and hand these cities over to the Iraq forces on June 30 in preparation for the final withdrawal from Iraq.

After six years of liberation, we now know who our friend is….

Maybe we aren’t so bad after all.