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Bill O’Reilly: Wrong On Gas Prices


Bill O’Reilly has launched a pretty big offensive regarding the price of gasoline.  He’s been on air several times extolling the administration to get ahead of the situation and take a leadership role.  Personally, I’m not sure that Obama has  had much influence on the price of gasoline today.  Prices are high today not because of supply and demand, policies where Obama is clearly wrong, but because of the tension in the Middle East.  Specifically with Iran.

Given the nature of the world market there is no wonder that gasoline prices are going up.  And fast.

But O’Reilly loses me on his solutions.

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We Need A State Law To Prevent Cheap Gas?

A new gas station opened up in a North Carolina town recently.  As it turns out, that gas station is interested in attracting customers AND selling things other than gas.

It would seem that station owners would or should be able to adjust the price of their gas at whatever levels they see fit.  Higher prices would generate more money per gallon to be sure, but lower prices would generate more gallons.

Discretion of the station owner, right?


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