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New Trends In Hiring

Incentives drive behavior.  I firmly believe this.  Because I believe this I would look to see the number of additional Facebook accounts increase:

SEATTLE — When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password.

Since the rise of social networking, it has become common for managers to review publically available Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and other sites to learn more about job candidates. But many users, especially on Facebook, have their profiles set to private, making them available only to selected people or certain networks.

Companies that don’t ask for passwords have taken other steps — such as asking applicants to friend human resource managers or to log in to a company computer during an interview. Once employed, some workers have been required to sign non-disparagement agreements that ban them from talking negatively about an employer on social media.

Not sure how I’d handle this if I was out of work for an extended period of time or if my current employer asked me to for the same information.  However, now that I see this growing trend, I may just create a duplicate Facebook account that I keep for just such occasions.


When You Bed With Leftists Expect Leftist Reactions: California and Facebook

Zuckerberg.  Facebook.  Obama.  Taxes.

When you’re “cool with that” make sure you’re really REALLY cool with that.

Cause if you ain’t, life is a bitch!

California SB 242, proposed by Sen. Ellen Corbett, would force social networks like Facebook to allow parents access to their child’s account(s) and, more importantly, force all privacy settings to their maximum level by default. Parents can request that images or text be removed from any social network page “upon request … within 48 hours upon his or her request.”

Here’s the interesting part: any social network failing to perform these duties will get hit with a $10K fine per incident.

LOL.  I mean; LMFAO!

10k a pop.  Can you imagine what the folks at facebook.com are thinking as they read this news?

The details are incredible.  The chance of fraud unreal.

I just hope that Facebook can learn a valuable lesson here.

When you deal in the gutter with Liberal Leftists, expect those Liberal Leftists to ACT like Liberal Leftists!

Facebook to allow parents access to their child’s account(s) and…request that images or text be removed from any social network page “upon request … within 48 hours upon his or her request.



10,000 clams

per “clam”.

Go ahead Zuck, tell me how “cool with that” you are now!

Liberty Continues To March On

Further evidence that the sweet waters of Liberty will find it’s level is the fact that the largest social network in the world has included two new options for relationship status:

Facebook has added two new relationship status options users can include in their online profiles: “in a civil union” and “in a domestic partnership.”

Against every. single. odd. Liberty has proven to be resistant to oppression.  She will shine her light where ever she finds herself.

Go Liberty.