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Back To The 1950’s

It was back in the 50’s that the family was last defined as “traditional”.  The husband went to work.  The wife stayed at home.  The children behaved.

We haven’t seen that kinda life for 50 years now.  The 60’s changed everything and we haven’t looked back since.  And ya know what?  It’s most certainly a good thing.  My wife is better, faster and stronger than I am.  Can you imagine the unfulfilled potential that would have been wasted if her only concern was how to better starch my shirts?  She drives innovation for a massive company supporting other massive companies.  In short, she lets corporations do thing cheaper and more efficiently than they otherwise would have; and she does it better than anyone I know.

So yeah, life is better now.

So why are we trying to go back?

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Did Sexist Men Make Education Better?

I’m gonna be upfront here.  Don’t read this if you are faint of heart or can’t handle true things.  There are gonna be things called facts strewn about and they may hurt.

I’m just sayin’.

I remember awhile back tellin’ my wife that I thought she was one of the reasons that our education system isn’t doing as well as we would like.

She looked at me and asked “Why?”

I said, “Because you are a woman.”

I had to walk home, but I have my reasons.

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